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*Summer Camp Week 4 Male 6/25-7/1/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 4 Female 6/25-7/1/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 5 Male 7/2-8/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 5 Female 7/2-8/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 6 Male 7/9-15/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 6 Female 7/9-15/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 7 Male 7/16-22/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 7 Female 7/16-22/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 8 Male 7/23-29/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 8 Female 7/23-29/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 9 Male 7/30-8/5/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 9 Female 7/30-8/5/2017*
Summer Misc.
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Book your Woodward Summer Camp Shuttle here.

Secure you spot at camp at the lowest price with only $99 down without committing to a week or discipline quite yet. Ages: 7+
After putting down your initial deposit, make as many payments when you like and for as much as you like! 
You MUST select a discipline, week, and pay your balance in full no later than April 12, 2017.  Summer Camp and the deposit is non-refundable.
Call 888-350-1544 to make payments towards your summer camp.

To secure your spot at camp with a $99 deposit, enter the date of 6/1/2017 below.
To start your purchase enter the program starting date: 
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