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*Summer Camp Week 1 Male 6/4-10/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 1 Female 6/4-10/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 2 Male 6/11-17/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 2 Female 6/11-17/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 3 Male 6/18-24/2076*
*Summer Camp Week 3 Female 6/18-24/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 4 Male 6/25-7/1/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 4 Female 6/25-7/1/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 5 Male 7/2-8/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 5 Female 7/2-8/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 6 Male 7/9-15/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 6 Female 7/9-15/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 7 Male 7/16-22/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 7 Female 7/16-22/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 8 Male 7/23-29/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 8 Female 7/23-29/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 9 Male 7/30-8/5/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 9 Female 7/30-8/5/2017*
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Park Rats Program

Become a Park Rat this winter! Make a ton of new friends, learn rad new tricks, and have a blast. Park Rats runs from January-March, depending on which program you choose. Park Rats have the best of both worlds-as they spend half the day on snow, in Woodward's award winning terrain parks, and half the day in our indoor facility The Barn.  Participants need a minimum ability level of Intermediate in order to participate in the sessions.

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January 7th
February 4th
March 4th

January 8th
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March 5th

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