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Bump Busters Camp

Learn to rip bumps in this clinic headed up by competitive level certified instructors.  The clinic applies a powerful approach to conquering the physical and mental challenges of mogul skiing.  Bump Busters touches on several aspects of mogul and overall skiing, including:  training, clothing and equipment, balance, body position, mogul etiquette, safety, line choice, and the mental focus and energy to make it all happen.

-2 days of individual attention directed at your strengths to reach goals
-Lift-line privileges to allow for plenty of time on the slopes
-Video analysis of your mogul skiing
-On-line mogul handbook
-Classes for intermediate to advanced skiers, levels 4-6
-Dates for this year's clinic are February 3rd - 4th and March 3rd - 4th.

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Level 1
Never-ever skied or snowboarded before.

Level 2 - Greens
Can stop, make direction change and ride lift. (Beginner)

Level 3 - Greens & Blues
Confident on green runs and developing on blue runs. (Intermediate)

Level 4 - Blues
Blue slopes.Level 4 Blue Slopes Developing & exploring blue runs & snow conditions. (Intermediate)

Level 5 - Blues & Blacks
Confident on blue runs and developing on black runs. (Advanced)

Level 6 - Blacks
Developing & exploring black runs & snow conditions. (Advanced)