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Bump Busters Camp

Learn to rip bumps in this clinic headed up by competitive level certified instructors.  The clinic applies a powerful approach to conquering the physical and mental challenges of mogul skiing.  Bump Busters touches on several aspects of mogul and overall skiing, including:  training, clothing and equipment, balance, body position, mogul etiquette, safety, line choice, and the mental focus and energy to make it all happen.

-1 day of individual attention directed at your strengths to reach goals
-Lift-line privileges to allow for plenty of time on the slopes
-Video analysis of your mogul skiing
-On-line mogul handbook
-Classes for intermediate to advanced skiers, levels 4-6
-Dates for this year's clinic are February 2nd or 3rd and March 2nd or 3rd

Enter the start date of February 2nd or 3rd or March 2nd or 3rd to make purchase.

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Level 1
Never-ever skied or snowboarded before.

Level 2 - Greens
Can stop, make direction change and ride lift. (Beginner)

Level 3 - Greens & Blues
Confident on green runs and developing on blue runs. (Intermediate)

Level 4 - Blues
Blue slopes.Level 4 Blue Slopes Developing & exploring blue runs & snow conditions. (Intermediate)

Level 5 - Blues & Blacks
Confident on blue runs and developing on black runs. (Advanced)

Level 6 - Blacks
Developing & exploring black runs & snow conditions. (Advanced)