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*Summer Camp Week 1 Male 6/4-10/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 1 Female 6/4-10/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 2 Male 6/11-17/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 2 Female 6/11-17/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 3 Male 6/18-24/2076*
*Summer Camp Week 3 Female 6/18-24/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 4 Male 6/25-7/1/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 4 Female 6/25-7/1/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 5 Male 7/2-8/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 5 Female 7/2-8/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 6 Male 7/9-15/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 6 Female 7/9-15/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 7 Male 7/16-22/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 7 Female 7/16-22/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 8 Male 7/23-29/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 8 Female 7/23-29/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 9 Male 7/30-8/5/2017*
*Summer Camp Week 9 Female 7/30-8/5/2017*
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*Summer Camp Week 1 Male 6/4-10/2017*

Book your Woodward Summer Camp session below.  Simply select the date from the drop down calendar, then click 'Search' on the menu below.

For additional camp information please view Woodward Copper's website, here 

Summer Camps have a NO REFUND POLICY. To protect your purchase due to injury before or during camp in addition to any unexpected life events, it is highly recommended to also purchase camp protection. To purchase protection, make sure to check the box in the check-out form. 

When completing your online registration, be sure to include an email that you frequently check. We will send information via email prior to your arrival to Summer Camp that we don’t want you to miss. This will include a link to our pre-arrival packet that is required to be completed prior to camp.

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Secure the best price and discount with a $99 deposit today. *NEW* Make as many payments when you like and for as much as you like.  You must select your discipline, week, and pay your balance in full no later than April 12, 2017. First time coming to Camp Woodward? Receive $150 off Snow/Video Production, $100 off Action/Cheer. Apply discount code 10188 upon checkout.

Summer Camps have a NO REFUND POLICY. To protect your purchase consider summer camp protection. To purchase protection, make sure to check the box in the check out form. 

All weeks are Sunday - Saturday
All weeks are for "mini" campers
     Mini Camp = 7-12 year olds
     Camp = 13+

Woodward Transportation from front range now available under "Summer Camp Misc."